Career Center

International Careers

The Career Center offers seminars, lectures, networking events and advisory services on issues relating to an international career start and career planning for all students, doctoral candidates and graduates of Kiel University. We are happy to support you with a CV check – free of charge – to help launch your professional life, in Germany or around the world!


You already have some experience in creating an application portfolio. If you do not meet these minimum requirements please take part in our seminar “Application in English” first. You bring your resume, cover letter and if possible the advertisement to which the application is, with in printed form.
An Application-Check takes max. 30 minutes.


If you wish to make an appointment, please use our online registration form.

Please choose "Anmeldung Beratung/Bewerbungsmappen-Check für Bewerbungen ins Ausland", now you can pick an appointment and send a mail with your personal details. We will confirm your appointment via mail.