Career Center

06.12.2014 Presentation Skills for study and career

06.12.2014 von 09:00 bis 16:30

Leibnizstraße 1, Room 7

seminar is canceled

In almost every study and career good presentation skills are required and expected. In this seminar you’ll get the chance to practice speaking joyfully and authentically in front of an audience. If requested your presentation will be video-assisted.



- What is your central theme?

- What does your audience need from you?

- Body language: Messages with no words but large effects

- Finding the right words: concise, targeted and clear

- How did you come across? Gaining and giving constructive feedback

- Highlighting personal resources and strengths


Course language english



Christine Gribat

Target Group:

All students, PhD, Graduates of CAU
Max. participants: 12

Course No. C142006


Places for seminars are awarded solely binding upon payment of the registration fee. Online-Registration required.


Registration fee:

20 €,  to pay cash till 28.11.2014 at the Career Centers office, Leibnizstraße 3

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